CFP: ‘Radical Print: Work in Progress’ Workshop

posted 18 April 2023

The Periodicals and Print Culture Research Group (PPCRG) is inviting applications for a Work in Progress Workshop which will address themes of radical print culture and/or activist histories represented in the periodical press (past or present). The workshop will take place in Nottingham on Thursday 18 May 2023, and will feature in the PPCRG’s ‘Radical Print Summer School 2023’ programme (Tues 16 May to Fri 19 May, 2023). Please send a short abstract (250 words) for 10–15-minute presentations to by Tuesday 25 April 2023.

The keynote speaker is Professor Neelam Srivastava (Professor of Postcolonial and World Literature at Newcastle University, and co-founder of the Postcolonial Print Cultures international research network).

A limited number of travel bursaries will be available for postgraduate students and the unwaged who wish to participate in or attend this workshop.

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CFP: Revolutions in Print (SPECIAL ISSUE ZINE)

posted 24 June 2021

Charles J. Grant, ‘Magisterial Justice – A Fact’, The Political Drama, no. 14 (c. 1833).
Courtesy of Prof. Brian Maidment.

Editors: Catherine Clay, Andrew Thacker, Rebecca Butler, and Matt Gill

Designer: Craig Proud, Co-founder of Dizzy Ink

Deadlines (ext.): 31 July 2021 (proposals); 1 September 2021 (final submissions)

The Periodicals and Print Culture Research Group (PPCRG) at Nottingham Trent University invites proposals for contributions to a special issue zine on the topic of ‘Revolutions in Print: Rebellion, Reform and the Press’. The zine will be produced as part of the PPCRG’s exhibition and event series on this topic (26 Oct-29 Nov 2021) at Nottingham Castle, where it will be distributed.

We invite proposals for contributions on any aspect of rebellion, reform or revolution in the periodical press from the nineteenth century through to the present day. The exhibition addresses this theme from regional, national as well as international perspectives and we invite contributions that take any of these approaches.

The zine is a public-facing output. Zine entries may showcase academic research to a public audience, may choose to replicate an aspect of the periodical medium, and/or generate discussion around key exhibition themes.

Topics that might inform contributions include, but are not limited to:

  • Aesthetic revolutions: in design or illustration of periodicals
  • Periodicals as organs of opinion for leftist groups and grassroots movements
  • Reportage on social unrest/reform: Chartism, suffrage campaigns, Black Lives Matter protests
  • Coverage of political revolutions and revolutionary thought in the press
  • Comic illustration, caricature and satire in the radical press
  • Censorship, restriction, and control of the press
  • Counter-culture, subculture and anarchism in periodicals
  • Little Magazines, oppositional publishing economies, independent print culture
  • Revolutions in the production, circulation or readership of periodicals

Contributors are encouraged to be creative in their approaches. Individual contributions may vary in length (max. 1500 words, no minimum) and may take a variety of forms, including but not limited to:

  • Spotlights or feature articles of a particular article, illustration, magazine or person related to the press, whether contemporary or historical
  • Cover art from or inspired by historical or contemporary periodicals*
  • Responses to or reimaginings of radical mastheads, comics, illustrations, or advertisements in the press*
  • Responses to or reimaginings of opinion pieces in the press about topical issues covered in the exhibition e.g. feminism, environmentalism, grassroots organisations, subcultures etc. These might take the form of Letters to the Editor or newspaper columns.

*Where contributions include illustrations, it is the author’s responsibility to obtain relevant permissions.

We invite expressions of interest from anyone involved in researching, producing or preserving periodicals whether academics, students, journalists, librarians, archivists, printers, booksellers etc.

Submission Guidelines:

Proposals should be submitted by 31 July 2021 as an email attachment to the editors at Early Expressions of Interest and queries are welcome at the same address.

Proposals should include the following:

  • A short abstract with a title (max. 250 words, no minimum)
  • The format of the zine entry (e.g. comic strip, feature article, poem, interview)
  • A brief biographical statement about your working relationship to periodical culture

If your idea is selected for inclusion, you will be invited to submit the full zine entry no later than 1 September 2021.

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