The Periodicals and Print Culture Research Group (PPCRG) is located in the English department of Nottingham Trent University and co-directed by Dr Catherine Clay and Professor Andrew Thacker.

The PPCRG aims to develop work on the study of modern periodicals and print culture, from the nineteenth century to the present.

The research group is concerned with the material culture of periodicals alongside books, newspapers, pamphlets, comics, zines, pamphlets, and other forms of print ephemera, along with the digital manifestations of these objects. It seeks to explore issues such as collaborative editing and production; the networks which surrounded and supported publication; the material and visual qualities of print forms; the circulation of periodicals in the marketplace (e.g. via bookshops); and the social, cultural, and political forces that shape particular manifestations of periodicals and print culture.

Periodicals and Print Culture Research Group (PPCRG),

Dept. of English, Communications and Philosophy,

Nottingham Trent University.